Safe and enjoyable sailing is the result of doing a lot of little things correctly. We offer a comprehensive learning experience that will give beginners and novice sailors the skills to bareboat charter or to confidently handle their own boats in coastal waters.

These courses provide a combination of classroom and on the water instruction. We emphasize hands-on experience to help you develop your skills and confidence.


Prerequisite: The prerequisite for Basic Cruising Certification is a US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification.

What you'll learn: Preparation to Sail, Crew Operations and Skills, Leaving the Dock or Mooring, Boat Control in Confined Waters, Navigation, Boat Control in Open Water, Heavy Weather Sailing, Overboard Rescue Methods, Safety and Emergency Procedures, Anchoring Techniques, Returning to the Dock or Mooring and Securing the Boat Properly.

The Basic Cruising graduate will have successfully demonstrated the ability to responsibly skipper and crew an auxiliary powered cruising sailboat, during daylight hours, within sight of land in moderate wind and sea conditions. The certified candidate will be able to skipper a keelboat up to 32′ in length.

Basic Cruising Courses
Courses are scheduled to meet the individual scheduling needs of students. Please call instructor Captain Will Flannery at 252-249-0960 for details.

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